Ask me questions!

Are these images "Royalty Free"?

     No. These images are Rights Protected and registered with the United States Copyright Office.

How much does it cost to use one of these images?

     Price is based on a variety of criteria including print run, type of publication, size the image is used at, and placement.  For a quote, email or call me.

What if I don’t see exactly what I’m looking for?

     Contact me if you see something close to meeting your needs but not exactly right - I just might have it. I have about 5,00 slides that are not scanned. I also usually have a back up of around several thousand digital images waiting to be archived and added to this collection.

What do I do when I have selected the images I would like to license?

     Call or email me so we can set up a license agreement. I have opted for this system rather than a Shopping Cart because that is how my clients (photo researchers and educational publishers) typically do business.

What types of image files are delivered?

     Images delivered will be high-resolution jpg files unless tif or raw files are requested. 

Kids, Parents, and Teachers photographed by Ellen Senisi: How do I find pictures of myself or my kids in these archives?

     Contact me by e-mail and tell me in what school, city, and year the photographs were taken. I will send you your model release code that you can type into the search box. 

If I'm not a photo researcher or publisher but I would like a print of one or more of these photographs  - how can I get one?
     To protect the privacy of the people I photograph, I will not make or distribute prints of children or adults to anyone except their immediate family members. However, prints of nature photographs or other images that do not show people are available. Family members who would like prints of their children should contact me via email about your needs with a phone number and I will call you back to verify contact information on your child's signed model release form. Prints from Ellen Senisi Image Archives are for personal use only - they may not be copied or reproduced, appear in any publication, nor may they be used for business or commerce.