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MR / Schenectady, NY.Yates Arts-in-Education Magnet School (urban elementary school).Grade 4.Fourth grade students (girl left: 9, Puerto-Rican American; girl right: 9, Puerto-Rican American and African-American) participate in voluntary after-school review session for upcoming standardized test in math using test preparation booklets.  .New York State fourth grade students are evaluated statewide in 4 subjects (math, language arts, science, and social studies [although the social studies test is administered at the beginning of fifth grade]. The results are used to prepare New York State School Report Cards on the effectiveness of schools. A "failing" school can be put on probation and, if it does not improve, have its state aid taken away. Exams are graded 1 through 4; 1 is a failing grade, 2 indicates the student is "at risk." Unfunded mandate requires schools to provide AIS (Academic Intervention Services) to "at-risk"  students..MR:  Per2    Fin5.© Ellen B. Senisi