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MR / East Herkimer, NY / Pine Grove Home.Sisters sing along with recording (stick is imaginary microphone) as woman with special needs (37) is visited by her sister (40) in ARC (Association for Retarded Citizens) residential group home.  Older sister serves on board of directors for county ARC.  Younger sister has various medical conditions that are not unusual for persons with Down syndrome.  They include: .-being legally blind: detached retinas in both eyes, eye surgery, now has no vision in one eye, and a clouded cornea and rapidly deteriorating vision in the other.-scoliosis: she has had surgery and has a steel rod in her back, but spine is still not straight (is at 60 degrees).-because of a small esophagus, which caused frequent choking on food, she had an endoscopy to stretch her esophagus.MR:  Bab3   Smi6.© Ellen B. Senisi